Psychotherapy in English

Therapeutic room in the Diabasis center, Boršov 2, Prague

QUESTION: What does the therapy actually offer?
ANSWER: It is you who defines the goals and makes the choice to take a particular course of action. The usual goal is to better cope with difficult life situations and personal problems related to family, relationships, work or health. You can bring any topic to the therapy.
My aim is to provide understanding and a safe space where you can deal with your experiences, face difficult emotions and gradually understand them better.
I do not try to explain your experience within the framework of a theory and I don't judge your views or behavior as good or bad. Instead, we can explore together what is and isn't useful for you. I will not give you any advice on how to solve your problems, but I can help you know yourself better and use this knowledge in your life.
I can also offer you simple meditation exercises for coping with stress, relaxing the body and calming the mind.
I'm not a psychiatrist, so I don't prescribe medication.

QUESTION: It is still not clear to me how this works.
ANSWER: Most of the time we'll just talk. What exactly happens during therapy could vary significantly for different people. The easiest way to find out is simply to try it and see for yourself whether the therapy suits you or not..

QUESTION: Okay. And how would we meet?
ANSWER: The easiest way is to contact me by mail or phone. During the first session, we can just talk about what you expect from the therapy and how we would assess if it works for you. If you don't expect something I cannot offer and we are comfortable with each other, we will make appointments for the following sessions. I usually suggest meeting once a week for 50 minutes. In Prague, personal meetings are possible, but Skype sessions are also an option.

QUESTION: And how much does it cost?
ANSWER: The first session is 150Kč (just the rent of the theapeutic room). Every following session is 600Kč. If you find yourself in a very difficult financial situation, the price could be adjusted.

QUESTION: Can you say more about yourself?
ANSWER: I did four years of mindfulness-based psychotherapy training. I'm a member of a therapy group in a center for refugees and migrants, InBaze. I'm also a member of the Psychotherapy Center Lávka. And I work as a volunteer in the hospice Cesta domů. For many years, I've been studying and practicing stress-reduction meditation based on mindfulness – the open and kind awareness of the present moment.

Jan Burian, PhD.

Phone: 608 214 854